Hi! I'm Whitney, founder of Whitney Elizabeth! I started this business over 12 years ago, just before my first daughter, Layla, was born. The business started out small, as most businesses do, but I can happily report that it's steadily grown and expanded over the past decade.

As Whitney Elizabeth continued to grow, so did my family. I now am a single mother to the best trio that a mama could ask for - Layla (11), Jack (9), and Charlotte (3). I know first hand what it means to be a busy mama who wants to not only provide for my children, but also create a fun and magical world for them to live in.

It's with this mindset that I create our unique and whimsical designs. A sequin crown can transport your little to a castle in the sky just as easily as a checkered bow tie can make your little man feel dapper and debonair. Whitney Elizabeth hopes to make life just a little bit happier and and a little bit sparklier.

♥︎ Whitney


We strive to not only look pretty and elegant enough for special occasions, but also encourage creative play and lets your child's imagination run wild. We want to bring an extra bit of magic to your little girl’s wardrobe. Made with parent and
child in mind, our colorful and cheerful pieces are sure to bring a smile to both of your faces.

We believe our pieces are the perfect choice for any special occasion or everyday adventures. You'll love how stylish and put together your child is, and your child will love how much fun and magic it adds to their day.


    Each order is looked over with care to ensure we only send quality products made with love ♥︎

WE dream ABOUT...

creating MOMENTS OF magic.

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